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Layout testing may go on here from time to time. Watch for falling box-shadows, and uneven border-radius.

About me:

If you suspect that carene waterman is a nom de plume, then full marks for you.

I am interested in styles, layouts, CSS, S2, HTML and am planning to continue on with JavaScript and PHP and perhaps more.

I am working on a layout that I'm going to go public with soon.

My web design ethos:

Wow, that sounds pompous!

I believe in Universal Design as a guiding principle. This is why I'm attracted to Dreamwidth as a project and as a place to design styles. Their accessibility policy and diversity statement mean that they are building the site based on Universal Design principles.

My style:

I am much more a bricks and mortar person than a curtains and frills person. I care more about the layout than the theme, more about the code than the pretty and more about the usability than the skin.

I always design in the browser, and I am 1000% behind the concepts of responsive design.

I love debugging and can't quite figure out how people make styles without good debugging tools.

My projects:

In addition to the layout I'm working on I changed the style on this journal every day or so to test drive them and post a review. These reviews are my subjective perception of the design, not objective pronouncements on their worth.

Comments are free and open to all readers. I expect all visitors to behave like responsible adults and to show due care and concern for the feelings of others. Casual expressions of * ism or * phobia are not welcome here.


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