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  1. Getting rid of background images that are behind text content. Yes, textures images are coming back, and I think it's a good thing, but the text needs a smooth background. I'm experimenting with transparent colour blocks over texture in the content area, and I like it.

  2. Getting rid of those fixed position share bars that remind me of scrolling ads from the 90s. There's one blogging page template that has the thing right tight to the content area. Bleh.

  3. Making the font black instead of those stylish greys people love to use so the link colours can be less saturated and still be distinct.

  4. Fixing broken pages so I can actually view them or work features. was the latest offender that put an empty div over top of the video controls by accident.

  5. Turning off really busy wallpaper-type background images that aren't right behind the content but still make the page visual discord., I'm looking at you.

  6. Turning off message banners that break layouts. Trello has this problem if you don't have an account, but then Trello sucks anyway.

  7. Making pre tagged text wrap because people think everyone is always using the full window of a widescreen to look at code samples or they just haven't ever heard of pre-wrap.


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