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So many people call their site responsive because they stuck in a media query or two.

That's like calling Kraft Dinner Italian cuisine because you threw some Parmesan on it.

(I switched my layout to a DW standard and rediscovered the unexplainable lack of max-width on images on this site.)

Responsive isn't just about making your columns pop around on smaller screens. It isn't just about text flow or deciding what to do with your horizontal nav menus.

Not sure I want to come back to a site that is this far out of touch with things. This really is a site designed on and for a laptop user. Circa 2001.

I can't set an explicit width on the main content column. Why? I have to sneak up on that by messing with margins and sidebar widths. Or put in some custom CSS.

That nav bar is really unpleasant looking (if I can tell it's bad aesthetics, it must be really bad), and did it always sit inside the margins that are set by the wizard? Because I don't think it belongs there, its function makes it naturally work as full width.

Might just find an RSS reader and build a blog.

(Right, right, the margins are on html and body !? so that if you put on a background image it fucks that up too. Div soup inside body, but the content margins go on html. Pretty sure that's straight outta Tabula Rasa.)


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