Jul. 25th, 2014

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Version: I did the archived version of this course after it had first been offered in real time. I have no reason to believe the current offering has changed any. Web Development How to Build a Blog.

Status: Finished, passed all the assignments and the final. At the time I was doing it you got certificates for free courses, now you have to pay.

Who should consider this course? Anyone who wants to learn the concepts of web development without a lot of abstraction. Anyone who specifically wants to learn Google App Engine. Anyone who wants some real world insights into scaling web apps.

Who shouldn't bother? Anyone who wants to only and always let the framework do all the work. Anyone who hasn't taken some sort of programming course that includes object oriented programming. This is not a beginner course.

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Disclaimer: So, you hate MOOCs, think they're ruining education. Can't even stand the sight of the horrible acronym. Everyone needs the bricks and mortar experience. Just like ebooks ruin the whole concept of reading, so too do MOOCs remove the essential je ne sais quoi of learning. Plus, they're all just skater courses for people who can't handle the real thing.

If this is your feelings, you have my absolute blessing to go get a blog and tell the world. Just don't try my patience with it here.


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