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I'm going to go through the currently available styles one at at time. One from each layout in alphabetical order.

I likely will stick to a dark on light theme each time. I require high contrast and larger font size, so I likely will not care for the medium or low contrast options.

Reviews are about preference not objective value.

So that means Abstractia by [personal profile] chiming is first.

Au Lait, one of two dark on light choices.

The emphasis on light on dark in themes is really appropriate for the style.

It is immediately visually stunning and very modern looking. I like the background image, and I like the transparency effects. It is a truly unique and beautiful style. Some of the theme colours are gorgeous.

The result is a dimming of contrast at times though.

If there's a difference between visited and unvisited link, I can't discern it.

Some of the very light and translucent headings and modules are too light and translucent for me.

I like the choice to move the poster up into the header, but I want the icon there too! I just don't get icons as part of content. I like that it's a choice though.


There's some colours done with borders that causes the elements to outgrow their containing divs and it throws of layout.

The entry management and journal management text links are too close together for readability.

More if I get a chance to use this style tomorrow.

More: Seriously, exceptionally gorgeous design.

I think it has to have custom comment pages. The switch to site scheme is very jarring.

The design of little things like the calendar in the sidebar is lovely, and the whole scheme looks fantastic with text entries. I find entries with photos make it all to busy. Gorgeous style that isn't for me, but is sure to find some users who adore it.


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