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My second AO3 bookmarklet (StripEmpties) is a really simple tool to take out the extra blank paragraphs the AO3 parser puts in sometimes.

It was easy to code, fast to test, and I made it a little less error-prone by making sure the paragraphs hidden are only inside the chapters div.

Great.Read more... )
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EDIT as at July 22, 2014: I did a quick and dirty update to get this working, but it still needs to be cleaned up. The issue was the AO3 (finally) got rid of presentational HTML classes and started using proper CSS techniques to style the fandoms pages. I was using the .odd and .even classes in my script because they were just so handy. That'll teach me.

So, I wanted to get back into coding after a summer of mostly gardening, and I was not really feeling the Ruby love. I'm a bit stalled mentally on the project in the course I'm doing, so I'll work on it some other time.

I wanted some more practical JavaScript work. I started reading at the AO3 again too, and the very first story I read had that annoying thing where every other paragraph was empty so the effective paragraph margin was doubled.

I knocked off a quick and dirty way to fix that, and I'm now working on making it a little less dirty.

Next, I took on the fandoms pages. Their long lists of fandoms in alphabetical order and when browsing, they are dominated by scores of fandoms with only 1 or 2 works. Yuletide legacy, I would guess. So, I could see the attraction of changing the sort order to numerical to find possible things to read with lots of stories.

And you don't have to read the code or my notes on it at all. To try out the bookmarklet go to The AO3 section on my GitHub page. If you want to read the code etc., keep on reading right here.Read more... )
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More details to come, but I just posted the first of a handful of bookmarklets specifically for using at the AO3, here on github.

I totally tried to tell someone who wanted this exact thing on an AO3 post, but they strip out all links (and anything that comes after it) in comments from non-account holders. Great!

Even better, they never tell you this, it just silently posts with half your comment not there. Because fighting spam means users get shitty services.

Anyway, I never bothered to get an AO3 account because I just read there, and I don't like their bookmarking system.

But, I needed a real site to make bookmarklets to work on, to broaden my skills so I decided to focus on AO3 since I'm a little familiar with the site.

The first one reorders the fandoms pages by number of works. I'm working on another one to deal with some annoying formatting features of stories. More details soon.


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