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Call and Response is my first layout. It has several themes built already, and I'll link to a few here. Also, as of now and for a few days, this journal is styled with the Raw Sugar theme for this layout.

This layout is a responsive design remix of Tabula Rasa. It's an elastic layout using ems (or fluid with user-supplied pixel sizes) and the goal is to provide a layout any user on any device at any font size or screen resolution can enjoy while allowing for fully flexible theme creation.

That's a tall order, and I might not have achieved that goal 100%. But, I have managed to make something that is at least on the right track to a fully responsive style.Read more... )


Mar. 12th, 2012 06:56 pm
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I've had a great day!

I got some other stuff done, and I made some breakthroughs on layout making.

I wrote a function!

And it works!

It takes a Color and an opacity amount and returns the rgba colour code.

Then I rewrote the generate css function to use that code as well as a fallback code.

I just, I'm so pleased.

I really feel like working with S2 has been the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm getting to understand concepts that I read about in re javascript but could never quite see in real terms.

More refinements are needed, but I think I'm sending in the CLA this week!



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