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There's something in HTML5 where you get automatically adjusting heading sizes if they are in elements nested inside other elements.

That's all a bit vague, isn't it? I'm kind of remaining deliberately ignorant of HTML5 for a while. I saw a reference to CSS4 yesterday and I screamed in horror.

But I'm thinking of doing something similar for my layout. I use a classic typographic scale, and I like it, but all it takes is for one person to put an h1 in their post and wow, that's big. And since people making posts are thinking of their post as a discrete document, not part of an existing text that already has headings, they do this a lot.

I usually start with h3 or h4 when I post, and technically, the post should start with h4 since the subject line is a usually smallified h3.

So, I'm thinking of resetting the scale to make an h1 be about an h3 size in entries and adjusting from there. The thing I worry about is if that gives the people who use h4 and h5 too small a heading.

Using my favourite scale it would be:

h1 - 2.25em
h2 - 1.5em
h3 - 1.3125em
h4 - 1.125 em
h5 - 1em
h6 - ?

I shall try it out and see what I think.


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